A Thousand Suns Haters


This site was created for the purpose of showing that Linkin Park has made a big mistake by betraying the Nu-Metal and make music that is only fashion.

Its founder, MARIOLPU (ex-member of LPUNDERGROUND) did not want to sit back and put up with other people their cause, and to see others blind fans that the band has done this poorly made that album is an insult to his old fans that have followed fro …m 2000 to 2004 are bad for them in their new songs, a clear example is When They Come For Me, Waiting For The End, Wretches And Kings.

Everything Old Fan with our ideology is welcome, if you’re a fanboy to defend the album A Thousand Suns, simply leave the site and do not defend people that do not know.

It all started since 2007 when it released Minutes to Midnight, all the fans who followed them since 2000, we expected a better album reaching the levels of Hybrid Theory and Meteora, but it was the opposite, the band made a different sound provoke anger, disappointment and clarification of some of its fans, many fans of the band sites closed due to this change of Gender and began to strongly crit …icize the new I try to give the band, many fans left the band no matter what they would from now on.

in 2008 the band announced it would begin immediately recording a new album, everybody was with the hope that the band would return to its roots and principles, but the September 14, 2010 was marked another disappointment to all old fans, A Thousand Suns, an album that contains a genre Electronica, Alternative, containing something heavy but not metal.

ATS, contains lyrical speaking of the old fans, telling them: “Try to catch up mother fucker” mention it again and again so that we make it clear that they will no longer make Nu-Metal.

The album is simply an insult to our musical integrity, the band has betrayed its roots and principles of his music changed for other styles that are fashionable are the Electronica and Alternative Rock is undoubtedly the worst genres you can hear in this world.

the album became # 1 in 15 countries but not exceeding sales expectations and because of that the band explained that “low sales ” now the music is downloaded from different places on the internet, you know what? I agree, the problem is that today one when you download the music, if you like the album you buy, and if you do not like just do not buy it, because I there’s low drive A Thousand Suns.

Finally, in response to Mike’s Blog Haters & ATS Release Believers we as a community we say:

If you dont like the idea that there Haters ATS in the world, we simply do not care because we believe in the best music (Heavy Metal, Nu-Metal, Industrial, Hard Rock, Trash) and we do not sell just because a genre Music this fashion, we have created yourself doing this kind of music you could call him senseless garbage.

Janxrod is a hero to us because he has the balls to say that the band has failed with such musical experimentation unnecessary.

Mike, you say that if the popularity and money were the goal would have made another Hybrid Theory. We ask you: Do you think that really matters?, to us what we care about is that you continue doing the same music with which we caught in 2000 (Nu-Metal) For us, the Nu-Metal is not dead, STILL ALIVE IN OUR HEARTS. is one of the best genres that may exist, and you in the USA have killed at Nu-Metal, the genre lives on in many parts of the world with great bands that are doing the same thing for a long time and not get bored and integrity of those bands remain intact and not break like you who are sold to the highest bidder.

“So why did we make Such a big change?” What happened to the real Linkin Park? “We’re still here. We look and sound Different, But The intention behind the music is the Same as It Has Been Since Day One: in the studio, We Are Constantly in search of new sounds That excite and inspire us. “THE BIGGEST LIE THAT DO THAT FROM 2007, TO US MAKE NO MISTAKE, GO TO THE NEW FANS CHEAT YOU BUT WE KNOW BETTER THAN ANYONE WE ARE NOT STUPID TO BELIEVE THIS.

MARIOLPU, Xerxes, Lesley and JIM



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